Worship interrupted

At some point during my last term on our church’s Session (Presbyterian board of elders), I got a little testy about the title Worship Leader. I said we should quit using the term because it is a cancer on the Church. I don’t think many in the room understood what I was so worked up Read the rest

Mandela: The whole man

Nelson Mandela deservedly received much of the credit for ridding South Africa of the scourge of Apartheid.  Yet, on the night of his death, I am reminded of the “Masterpiece Theater” series based on R. F. Delderfield’s novel about an English boys’ school, To Serve Them All My Days.  When Alcock, the widely despised headmaster Read the rest

Lies, damned lies, and Presidential lies

Presidents lie.  Sometimes they lie during the campaign (“Read my lips – no new taxes”, George H. W. Bush).  Sometimes they lie to avoid impeachment (“I am not a crook”, Richard Nixon).  Sometimes they lie to achieve some international objective (the Bay of Tonkin – Lyndon Johnson). Sometimes they lie to try to rescue their Read the rest

PCUSA in full panic mode

I have written quite a bit about the Presbyterian Church (USA), its abandonment of orthodox Christianity, its greed and delusions of power, and our church’s eventual escape from it (see here, starting with "The 556-member church …") Since that glorious day in November, 2008, when we left the PCUSA (without their permission), I have had Read the rest

Church and civil marriage no longer mix

The Supreme Court, in Justice Kennedy’s muddle-headed way, has negated democratic means of defining “marriage”.  One (presumably unintended) consequence of his tortured reasoning is that churches professing orthodox Christianity will have to end their entanglement with secular government and get out of the civil "marriage" business altogether.  Getting “married” will become a little more complicated. Read the rest

Next up: A lock-picking contest for students

I often read news stories about the special kind of foolishness exhibited by schools.  They leave me scratching my head wondering, what were they thinking?  How could they have possibly believed this was a good idea?  Most of the time, these stories concern hysterical overreactions to trivial misbehaviors, lame-brained “zero tolerance” policies, and dumb grading Read the rest

Why I Joined the NRA

When the news broke that Lance Armstrong would cop to doping, some commenters started to call the organization that he founded, the LIVESTRONG Foundation, into question.  Bloggers, talking heads, and bloviating pundits love to demonize both people and organizations.  It’s true that some people and organizations are thoroughly bad and have no redeeming qualities, but Read the rest

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