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Obamanation: Building on lies

Obama has told us we need a public health insurance option to “keep insurance companies honest.” An unlikely source – the AP – has taken a modest step toward keeping him (and serial liars Nancy Pelosi and moveon.org) a little more honest.

To quote the lead from this story:

What do these enterprises have in common? Farm and construction machinery, Tupperware, the railroads, Hershey sweets, Yum food brands and Yahoo? Answer: They’re all more profitable than the health insurance industry.

It turns out the health insurance industry’s “obscene profits” (Pelosi) don’t actually exist. It seems the willingness of the health insurance industry to “let the bodies pile up as long as their profits are safe” is no match for the willingness of moveon.org to lie about it.

Pharmas and other health care providers did much better than the insurers. But a public option is not intended to “keep them honest”. Its intent is to drive them out of business altogether and make every American (except for Congress and privileged Government elites, of course) dependent on the government for health care. It’s the very foundation for establishing the nightmare of Obamanation.

Just a reminder – the source for this post is not Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or the Republican National Committee. It’s the left-leaning AP.

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