April 24, 2014

The Curmudgeon’s Progress Is Moving

In March, this site will be closed down because the Curmudgeon’s Progress is becoming a Substack at https://curmudgeonsprogress.substack.com/. Subscribing is free and carries minimal risk of spam. Content from here will be migrated over a period of months (or years). Eventually, all posts will be archived somewhere on the Web. That will be announced on Read the rest

My plans for you

Many of you are familiar with this verse. If you aren’t familiar with it, you just haven’t been paying attention. For example, you might see it as a Facebook meme. Or an abbreviated version on the wall of a Christian coffee shop or bookstore. This version would make a nice refrigerator magnet. You might see Read the rest

Links our overlords don’t like

Posts with links to external web sites don’t always get posted on Facebook. I created this page to avoid telling FB what I’d like you to read. The End of Science (10/30/2021)

A political parable

I know of a guy who decided to pursue a very important job at his company. He was opinionated and abrasive (some would say he was “plain-spoken”) and seemed like a long-shot. Several other people were interested in the position, but eventually one challenger surpassed the others and it became a two-person race. To everyone’s Read the rest

God, 21st century style

Belief in the rosy future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t based on science or technology. The belief is based on something more fundamental, a characteristic of their humanity that even devout atheists seem unable to escape. It’s a religion that desperately hopes there is a way to fill the space in the heart of modern Read the rest

Liberals’ chief disability

All modern liberals (actually, illiberals) share a common disability: They are unable to be constrained by the wisdom of those who preceded them. They believe that, as a rule, new ideas are superior old ones and that the new ideas they personally embrace are so obviously superior that no debate is possible and no defense Read the rest

Why tithe? Why not?

Disclaimer: Although pastors may find my conclusion agreeable, none were consulted in the writing of this blog post. Nor am I trying to curry favor. The Senior Pastor of my church – with whom I have joyfully served and sometimes disagreed for nearly a decade – would surely absolve me of any charge of pandering. Read the rest

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