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A last-minute email to Joe Donnelly

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Having looked at my junk-mail this morning, I had to take a moment to explain the effect yours had on me. 

I always vote; for the most part, I can only vote for career politicians; therefore, I usually have to vote for liars. But only up to a certain size.

You and your Marxist bosses have spent and taxed us into a hole our grandchildren may never dig out of. To claim (as you do in your propaganda) that your opponent will do more damage than you already have is a lie that should shame even a member of the elite political class. I don’t know much about her, but I know she isn’t you and she isn’t beholden to Commissar-in-Chief Obama. That alone is sufficient reason to vote for her.

Your mailings reek of fear and desperation – with good reason, I hope. If the voters decide to give America a future again, I will hope that you and your failed fellow travelers won’t ignore the voters and do too much more to destroy our country before you’re excused from the positions you have so consistently and blatantly abused. And I will hope that the Republicans who replace you will operate on an appreciation of what America actually is rather than on a vision of the workers’ paradise you would like it to be.

Don’t console yourself with the thought that I’m a nasty Republican. I’m not. I trust them only slightly more than I do Democrats. But if the devil himself were running against a Democrat, I would have to give his candidacy serious consideration.

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