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Must Watch TV: "Hide the Decline"

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Some interesting videos discussing the fabrication of “global warming” data and efforts to stifle opponents. The videos describe what happens when scientists becomes prostitutes to political objectives.

Al Gore’s “inconvenient falsehoods”

Learn more at Climate Depot.

Emails reveal efforts to promote “global warming”
fiction and punish dissidents

The corrupt peer review process
behind “global warming”

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South Bend, Indiana: Kill children, not dogs

Friday, November 20th, 2009

In South Bend, a stoned driver who killed two little girls gets ten days in jail:

St. Joseph Superior Court Judge Richard McCormick sentenced 56-year-old Leroy Hoover to 60 days in jail Thursday with 50 days suspended.

I guess McCormick couldn’t bear to see Hoover spend the whole 60 days in the slammer. Ten days isn’t a sentence, it’s an endorsement. There’s probably some reason that McCormick and Hoover shouldn’t spend the rest of their lives sharing a cell, but I don’t know what it would be.

In other news from South Bend, residents are outraged that a burglar shot and killed a dog that was suffering from bone cancer:

Gina Oliver created one of the reward funds after reading about the disturbing crime. She says the robbers “crossed a line that no one should ever cross.”

I sympathize with the dog’s owner, Dan Warner; I’ve experienced the shock of a beloved pet’s sudden and unexpected death. But on a scale of “disturbing” crimes deserving of outrage, on the list of lines that “no one should ever cross”, killing children really should rank higher than killing a dog.

Maybe not in South Bend.

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Obamanation: Fun, shout-outs, and – oh, yeah – dead soldiers

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Does anyone believe that Obama has respect for our military? If so, his shameful conduct following the shootings at Fort Hood should clarify things. He doesn’t. He cares about his political cronies, frauds like ACORN, his communist advisors, and terrorists like William Ayers, but American soldiers? Not so much.

The murdered American soldiers at Fort Hood were just an afterthought to our “Commander-in-Chief”. See Robert George’s story or just go straight to the YouTube video of his casual afterthoughts about the tragedy. A truly stomach-turning performance by a dreadful President.

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