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South Bend, Indiana: Kill children, not dogs

In South Bend, a stoned driver who killed two little girls gets ten days in jail:

St. Joseph Superior Court Judge Richard McCormick sentenced 56-year-old Leroy Hoover to 60 days in jail Thursday with 50 days suspended.

I guess McCormick couldn’t bear to see Hoover spend the whole 60 days in the slammer. Ten days isn’t a sentence, it’s an endorsement. There’s probably some reason that McCormick and Hoover shouldn’t spend the rest of their lives sharing a cell, but I don’t know what it would be.

In other news from South Bend, residents are outraged that a burglar shot and killed a dog that was suffering from bone cancer:

Gina Oliver created one of the reward funds after reading about the disturbing crime. She says the robbers “crossed a line that no one should ever cross.”

I sympathize with the dog’s owner, Dan Warner; I’ve experienced the shock of a beloved pet’s sudden and unexpected death. But on a scale of “disturbing” crimes deserving of outrage, on the list of lines that “no one should ever cross”, killing children really should rank higher than killing a dog.

Maybe not in South Bend.

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