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Time to vote third-party!

I’ve always bought into the idea that a vote for a third-party candidate was a wasted vote. No more. I’ve become convinced that a vote for a Republican or Democrat – at least at the national level – is a wasted vote. Why? Because neither party can be trusted to do what is right for America.

Consider this: Based on their relative solvency, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG should be bailing out the U. S. government, not the other way around. Uncle Sam is so broke and so in debt to China that it’s folly to pretend he has the assets to save even the neighbor kid’s lemonade stand from financial ruin. And there’s no point in partisan finger-pointing. The Elephants and Jackasses have all sold us out with equal fervor.

Yesterday I briefly watched Sen. Chris Dodd blather about how, amid the feds’ .7 trillion dollar give-away, the “taxpayers will be covered”. Covered with what, he didn’t say, but he didn’t need to. When it hits the fan, the politicians and their rich buddies who created the problems in the first place will be well under cover. (See Ron Paul’s email about this vast giveaway.)

The argument from hysteria (the politicians’ favorite way of clouding any issue) is that there will be terrible economic consequences if a handful of private financial instutions are allowed to collapse. What the politicians never tell us, however, is how much more terrible the consequences will be when our government collapses from the weight of its own spiraling debt. I – along with most of Congress – may be long gone by then, but my children or grandchildren are going to live in a debt-ridden country with a third-world economy because we took the easy way out and voted for Republicans and Democrats.

I’m voting for Libertian candidate Bob Barr and I’d encourage you to do the same. But if you want to vote for the Green candidate or the PETA candidate or dust off Ross Perot or write in dear old dead Pat Paulsen, it doesn’t matter to me. Just do it! My guy won’t win and neither will yours. No matter what happens, we’ll be saddled with McBama or OCain and it won’t matter much which one it is.

But if enough of us vote for someone who is neither Democrat nor Republican, we might put a little fear into the self-serving fat cats inside the beltway who have had their way at our expense for way too long.

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