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PCUSA: Purveyor of dumb conspiracy theories

PCUSA bureaucrats never cease to amaze me. In 2004, two denominational staffers led a group of Presbyterians to cozy up to Hezbollah in Lebanon and praise the terrorists for their humanitarian ways. This, of course, followed closely after the General Assembly’s dumb plan (enthusiastically endorsed by many of the bureaucrats but since largely rescinded) to punish Israel for getting its civilians killed by crazed Muslim suicide-bombers. The PCUSA was correctly perceived has having some very anti-Semitic tendencies. So what could this crowd possibly do that would be even dumber?

It turns out that they could publish a book that accuses the President of orchestrating the attacks on the World Trade Center. I’m not kidding. The PCUSA’s publishing arm, Westminster John Knox Press (having long since abandoned any connection to either the authors of the Westminster Confession or to John Knox) has indeed done just that. Since the PCUSA is rapidly losing sight of what orthodox Christian faith actually is, the publishers may have thought the book’s title, Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action, qualified it as a book about Christian faith. (Ok; that was a cheap shot. It is more likely that they just thought this crack-brained conspiracy theory would lend credence to the bureaucrats’ early and increasingly shrill criticisms of George W. Bush.)

The theory has another appeal to the bureaucrats too – it fits perfectly with the denomination’s unofficial policy of embracing Islam and deflecting criticism from it at every opportunity. To learn more about the crackpot author and one of his more notorious co-theorists – and what other Presbyterians have to say about this folly – see this Christianity Today article.

It’s getting really embarassing to be a part of this organization….

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