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Obamanation: The Nobel joke

Ya gotta love those crazy Norwegians! An amateur statesman who has accomplished precisely nothing gets the Nobel Peace Prize. But before we start taking this silliness too seriously, let’s look at the real reasons. This won’t take long. The prize serves two obvious purposes, one backward-facing and one forward-facing:

Giving this prize to a ten-month U.S. President who has done nothing to earn it serves as a repudiation of his predecessor. There being no Nobel War Prize to give to Bush, they did the next best thing and gave the “Peace” prize to Obama.

Giving this prize to America’s first true socialist President serves as a repudiation of capitalism. If it weren’t for the first point, they may have given it to Propagandist Mikey Moore instead.

That’s it. The prize serves no other purpose. Well, no, it does serve an unintended purpose: It provides stark evidence of how politicized and corrupt the whole Nobel Prize industry has become. There were candidates who actually deserved to win the Prize and could have used the money to further real work, not just raw political ambition.

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